In the spring of 2004, I was engaged by a client to perform a feasibility study if a CMS, Content Management System, would be of benefit to their organization. And, if so, then the scope of the project would include writing an RFP, initial screening of features and benefits of a selected vendors, review of vendor proposals, development of benchmark criteria, as well as co-manage the start-up phase of the project.  By the time the scope of work had been completed, it's the fall of 2006, and in a nutshell, I knew all the different facets of the  CMS market as well as anyone. However, due to my agreement with the client, as well as, confidential agreements with some of the vendors, I could not capitalize on this knowledgebase in a standard consultant role.

At the same time, blogging was the new "buzz" word in the industry, and a new platform called social media was starting to take roots in the form of MySpace. Therefore, since I was "locked out" from monetizing on this knowledgebase, I decided to build a social media platform using an open source product, Drupal. Hence, in March 2007, the domain was registered and development began, with a target launch date of January 2009. 

By mid 2008, the site came on-line for testing and initial feedback from the user group was very encouraging. The site included over 125 "social" functional modules, as well as, video tutorals to assist in the learning curve.  And, if you keyed in in your browser window in the fall of 2008, this would have been the domain you would have seen.


Although, the AllAs1 platform had more functionality than Facebook does today, without capital investment, it would never reach it potential in the marketplace.  And, everyone remembers what happen in the fall of 2008,  about the time AllAs1 was ready to launch, can you say, "GREAT RECE$$ION" !  As it soon became apparent that this was the worst of times from a venture capitalist point,  the decision to "sit on it for awhile" was made.  So it was shelved until the relaunch in August 2016, but the goal is the same - Accept, Share, Connect with others by practicing the amazing human experience of being "good neighbors. 

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Welcome to All As One blog

Welcome to the All As 1 blog site.  Accept - Share - Connect